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eTrain helps identify unconscious bias and address it immediately. Our easy-to-use toolkit helps you solve your training and education needs now and on your terms.

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The eTrain toolkit efficiently focuses on the experience needed from real-time situations or scenarios in a rapid-learning environment that is available anytime and anywhere.

eTrain Toolkit

eTrain has architected a toolkit to accelerate micro-learning.
Our solution enables the custom development of eMicro-Sims that are intuitive and that help users perform key decisions while demonstrating knowledge acquisition with confidence.

eMicroSim Library

eTrain offers a library of industry-specific modules as part of its growing toolkit.

eTrain Custom Solutions

With over 20 years of experience with custom services, eTrain’s team can design and develop unique solutions for your company. eTrain can also leverage our toolkit to accelerate elearning, micro-learning, and other solutions within any custom training and education project.

Leveraging the eTrain toolkit, we can create instructionally sound custom eMicro-Simulations for your specific needs. All wrapped around a strong data analytics model.
eLearning and LMS
Discover the unique custom eLearning and innovative ways we can help address all your education, training, and compliance needs. Our services address all instructional design models and include custom LMS options.
3D Modeling & Animations
Add another dimension to 2D images! Our team of artists and modelers are skilled in reconstructing 2D images into stunning 3D files for any video, animation, or learning solution.
Software Development
eTrain can help develop custom applications, VR/AR, Simulations, and much more. Our team has over 50 years of development experience.
Project Management and Support
Plan, track, and collaborate. All eTrain services have a dedicated Project Manager that ensures you receive dependable services with full accountability.
Leverage our experience in eLearning, and custom software development. eTrain has the capabilities and deep industry insight to solve your most complex challenges.

eTrain Sample Portfolio

AC Unit Service Call

You are the role of a service technician. In this eMicroSim™, you have been given a service call for a customer who has no air conditioning at the moment.

Furniture assembling

With eTrain's platform you can provide interactive step-by-step trainings for your field specialists and sales force for almost any business specialization.

Connect it with your HR tools

eTrain interactive Microsims easily integrates with other tools to help you get the most from your trainings.

It will amaze your users

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