Project Previews

Electrosurgery Module

This is an accredited module that eTrain designed with a Medical Device Manufacturer. The module offers a general understanding of electrosurgery and then asks learners to demonstrate their knowledge by performing steps in pad placement. Today, most mobile, and online training only addresses knowledge. eTrain has designed a module that adds knowledge confidence, knowledge application and knowledge application confidence to the equation. The results are improved ways to engage learners, identify learning gaps and truly help improve competency.

As part of the module, standard eLearning structures walk the learner through the knowledge of electrosurgery. 

As an integral part of the module, learners are now asked to perform pad placement. This helps demonstrate the understanding of electrosurgery as it applies to a medical device for surgery. Learners have the ability to place the pad in a chosen position, then confirm their level of confidence for that decision. 

Upon completing the simulation, learners are provided with feedback and a debrief report. There is also a graph to present the level of confidence the learner has as it relates to knowledge application. 

Standard Assessment models apply for knowledge and after knowledge application. 

The above module was implemented with a set of authoring tools. This reduced the development time resulting in a very manageable budget for development. To learn more about the process, our tools or any other questions, please contact us