eMicro-Sim1™ Offerings

eAuthor1™ Toolkit

Toolkit for developing virtual simulations (eMicro-Sims), eAssessments, eLearning and much more. Base Toolkit includes all the below products.

eAuthor1™ Toolkit —
Virtual Micro-Simulation (eMicro-Sim1™) Development

Create and edit your own micro-simulations and more. Our Toolkit comes with a library of modules to get you started.

Data Analytics,
AI & Remediation

The eTrain Toolkit includes incredible Data Analytics regarding knowledge application and confidence. Additionally, we offer unique AI solutions with automatic remediation principles.

eMicro-Sim1™ Library

Discover our growing library of modules (Micro-Sims, eLearning courses and much more). Our library is included with our Toolkit. So, you can use them “as is” or edit them for your needs.

Custom Services

eTrain can help design and develop custom training and education solutions for you.  We have developed hundreds of modules using our Toolkit.