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Toolkit to improve competence by virtually applying knowledge and confidence levels

eTrain’s easy-to-use toolkit enables a way to bridge the need for new skills and the growing deficit of time required to achieve mastery.

What is an eMicro-Simulation?
eMicro-Simulations (eMicro-Sims) are short screen-based simulations designed to enable scenario/case based interactive, critical thinking, decision making experiences with data analytics.

Proven and effective way to educate, learn and retain subject matter.
Economical training format that is convenient and cost-effective.
Consistent with compliance standards to reduce liability.

eTrain’s simulation scenarios advance critical thinking, decision making skills, confidence, and outcomes.
All packaged with a strong remediation and data model.

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One Solution

SaaS toolkit for the authoring of custom micro-simulation cases and scenarios that focus on knowledge application and confidence.

Ready to Go
Just add your content or edit any of our templates and you are ready to launch. Once you are happy with the micro-sim, you can publish to industry standard files with a click of a button.
eTrain’s eAuthor1® is…
Easy to use
Flexible for all users
Extensive libraries
Easy Customization
Make changes in minutes to your scenario or case. No need to hire a programmer or wait for someone else.
Choose from our current library to use “as is” or edit and create a version specific to your organization.
Professional Design
Our simulation toolkit is ready to go for your audience. We have had thousands of users take our micro-sims. This is what your users are looking for.
Flexible Deployment
We enable you to publish your micro-sim to run on mobile devices or any device online. Our toolkit can interface with any LMS or learning platform.

The power over virtually any scenario.
What will
you master?

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"I have been working with the team at eTrain for years.
They provide quality services and are great to work with."
— Daniel Voss, Sales Education Manager

"We have developed a very unique training program that will help educate the market. The team at eTrain has been very helpful in delivering an accredited program with micro-simulations and engaging material."
— Scott Sanders, Director Clinical Education/Market Development, Apyx Medical (Formerly Bovie Medical)

"eTrain has created an easy-to-use platform for building micro-sim cases. This style of learning is the future and we are glad to be a part of it."
— Katie Normand, MD. Associate Professor, Dept. of Anesthesiology

"We are offering some great micro simulations utilizing the eTrain platform. This strategy is flexible and exactly what our learners are looking for. The best part is designing and modifying these micro simulations quickly with a scalable authoring environment eTrain offers."
— Andres Viles, MSN, RN, CNS, CHSE. Simulation Coordinator Senior

"With all the changes going on in healthcare, training and education strategies need to be reevaluated. Part of that reevaluation should be considering the unique platform and authoring environment of eTrain. They have created a way to design engaging micro simulations that truly engage a learner's critical thinking and decision-making in a case or scenario. During these micro simulations, learners apply their knowledge and identify their level of confidence, with considerable remediation options, data analytics, and reporting. I have not seen anything like this available today."
— Bob Armstrong, Assistant Professor, SOHP, EVMS

"The simulation after the video was a good reinforcement of the information!"
— A student who took our COVID-19 PPE course

"The interactive component – this will be perfect for fundamentals for students prior to clinical experiences!"
— A student who took our COVID-19 PPE course

Knowledge Application

Learners may pass a test. But can they apply that knowledge in a scenario or case?


How confident are your learners in performing critical skills based on knowledge acquisition?
How confident are they in applying their knowledge?

Remediate with Mentors and Key Knowledge

The simulation toolkit can offer virtual mentorship, recommendations, and new information about the case or scenario topic for the publisher.

It will amaze your users

Start now with eTrain and get your team working safely!